Sleepy, Sleepy Boy

Third time's the charm, must be true! The baby is sleeping 5-6 hours at night at only 6 weeks-yay! He wakes up about 4 am for a feeding and then goes right back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. I can't believe I am actually feeling rested so soon.
The other day I laid the baby down to nap and my eldest son came to tell me he gave the baby his doll. As soon as I took a peek, I ran for the camera. What a sweet sight! My other two children picked out the doll while I was still pregnant and the baby was "Eggy"-gender unknown. It was a great way for them to bond with their new sibling before he arrived. They felt a part of the pregnancy and in return closer to the baby, at birth.
I LOVE this doll! I cannot wiat until Lucian makes it one of his cherished lovey's. It's from Cara at Green Bean Boutique on Etsy. It's so well made and promotes natural toys and learning. Something I think is important. She's super sweet to work with and just talk to. If you want your own Waldorf doll, or are in the market for cloth diapers check out her shop:
http://greenbeanboutique.etsy.com or check out her blog which is located under my blog links section. I think she may be currently on break growing her new bean, but check back. She has a wonderful shop and is a delightful person.

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Jus Shar Designs said...

There is nothing as beautiful as a sleeping baby.