{ New Shop }

Kunklebaby has just opened up a new shop with 1000 Markets. It's a cool, new site for selling handmade. It has a lot of great features. I like the nice modern, clean look of the site. For sellers, it's very easy to navigate and offers shop stats! ( I wish Etsy would do this!) It is also juried which leads to a cohesive look of skilled artisans.

Check out our new shop & leave a comment here: Kunklebaby

I will be adding new items to the shop as the busy season passes. I can't believe how much I still have to get done for Christmas. It snuck up on me this year-yikes! I am usually have almost all the gifts by October.

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Megan said...

Congratulations on the new shop. Let me know how you like it. I know one other person who's on there, but I've only been on there as a customer.