{ The Littlest Giant }

Over the weekend, {D} has renamed {L}. He will now be known as the littlest giant in our home.

The Littlest Giant has been on a rampage. He has been busy destroying block towers, ripping ornaments from the Christmas tree, climbing onto everyone and everything, slapping, hair pulling....the list can go on and on.

Little {L} was climbing on my back the other day and {D} said "Look he's a giant...the littlest giant, but still. For someone so small, he sure wrecks up a lot of stuff!! He's crazy". It was pretty funny and I realized, it was the perfect nickname. {L} is the typical baby, but inquisitive x10. He is super fast for his age and into everything. He just laughs and laughs when you tell him no. I'm hoping later on, he doesn't spend most of his toddlerhood in a time out. Although the littlest giant would probably just laugh anyways.

I really missed having a baby in the house. It's so sweet to see the wonder in his eyes this Christmas-his very first. {D} & {L} just seemed to grow up overnight. I look at them and can't believe it has been so long since they were crawling through the house wrecking havoc on all! I think the poor cats have just recovered from {M}'s baby years!

~Happy Holidays~

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