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Last year at Comfest, I came across a cool tent with all natural wood toys and teethers for babies & toddlers. {L} was just a wee one at the time, but I picked up a teether for the upcoming chew fest.
I LOVE the teether! I feel happy knowing my babe is not chewing on chemical laden plastic toys. We have been replacing a lot of the plastic, electronic, flashing light toys we were given in the past with all natural, handmade goodies.

We now have three things from Amy of Little Alouette. We added a fun wood sword and egg shaker for Christmas this year. The items are all very well made, all natural and very open ended for play. I find myself shaking the egg, cause it's fun...even after the baby has crawled away-lol.

Here is some more info on this cool family run business, based out of Columbus:

"We use certified organic seed oil to finish our product. We also use Ohio Maple when whenever we can-we believe in natural materials that are locally sourced and all our products are made here in Ohio. We love the earth and will not package your items in extra packaging unless you require it." -little alouette

So if your in the market for some cool, safe toys, have a peek at Little Alouette. You'll find excellent craftsmanship and friendly customer service. Amy went out of her way to get me the sword before Christmas. {M} already requested her very own for her next birthday-lol. I think we need one of her wooden animal pull toys next!

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