{ Falling Snow!! }

Do you remember watching the snow fall as a kid? I always loved the first snowfall of the season. (Being that I grew up in Cleveland, we didn't have to wait long-lol)
When I was a little older, 11-12ish, I would always spend the day at the park with my best friend Amy. We would just walk around for hours, talking and enjoy the beauty of the freshly fallen snow on the tree's. Looking back, those day was always super positive, I ache to be so free again to just breathe and enjoy life in the moment.
I feel so nostalgic watching my children delight in the snow. The first snow meant a new season, happiness, and fun things to come. I hope it feels the same way for {D}, {m} and {L}!

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kiddlebug said...

That's sweet. I always dread the snow because the winters here are long and cold. We have snow for at least 5 months of the year.