Baby Unicorn

If you remember my post from a few months back, the kids started calling Baby {J}, Baby Unicorn while I was pregnant[check back a few posts for the story]. Well he's now arrived and his biggest brother is STILL calling him "Baby Unicorn". I embroidered this onesie while I was pregnant to match with their knickname. I was thinking they baby would only wear it, if it turned out to be a girl, which didn't happen. The othger day while packing up some of the girl things I had made, I stopped holding this. While unicorns are extremly girlie, I had chosen blue & brown thread.... so, I decided that just ONE set of photo's had to be taken in honor of his nickname!

Mr. {D} and Little Miss {M} chose the name Julian for the baby. When the baby arrived, my husband and I had not settled on a name-girl or boy. We thought it would be pretty cool & special to tell him that his oldest siblings chose his name, so we selected their latest choice. Mr. {D} is now telling me that he is having a hard time calling him by his name because when he looks at him, all he thinks is "Baby Unicorn". I found it so sweet, that they needed these pic's together to mark the occasion.


Christopher And Tia said...

But Baby Unicorn is SUCH a cute nickname. I love the onesie.

mary moon designs said...

How stinkin cute :o)