Sibling Love

The kids were so excited to meet their new little brother. Mr. {D} still insists on calling him "Baby Unicorn". For Julian's sake, I hope it doesn't last too long, as it would have made a better nickname for a little girl, lol. I know he'll be a happy little boy with all the other kids in the house to play with and teach him-both good & bad things.

It seems like only yesterday I was becoming a mother, holding Mr. {D} for the very first time. It amazes me to watch him holding baby #4!! How quickly the time passes. I want to savor every moment with this babe. I learned after my first, not to look forward so much to the "when's", but to pay attention to the "nows"! No saying, "I can't wait until...." I want to enjoy every stage as it's happening. Right now I'm loving having a newborn in the house again, all the strange squeaks & cries, tons of feeding a day, and the little changes that happen so fast. Already the baby is filling out, getting chubby and changing little by little.

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andrea creates said...

Aw, congratulations :) So sweet!