Flashback Friday

This flashback Friday takes me to my freshman year of college. I was living in the dorm at Columbus College of Art & Design. I was so nervous about having to live with well... people. Girls I didn't know. What if they were mean girls? What if I couldn't sleep at night? What if I hated them, or worse yet, they hated me?

From the moment I met Mary, my roommate, those fears were put to rest! She was fun and had a happy energy about her that i had never seen. Growing up in Cleveland, I have to say optimism is almost a four letter word. I loved living with her and we had the best times together. Sadly about seven-eight years ago we fell out of touch after a silly argument. I always wondered if she had moved back to Texas [her home state], was married, or ever had children.

I credit Mary to being the person who taught me "how" to mother! She took care of me when I was sick, brought me breakfast from the cafeteria knowing I never, ever woke up in time to eat otherwise, and listened whenever I needed to talk. She was a great person and taught me lots about compassion & friendship. I actually called her "Mama Mary".

The picture on the right was taken after we were living in the dorm for a few months. It's been on my fridge all these years. I am 18 years old there-crazy young! I thought I knew it all, boy was I naive!

I had just recently given up thinking I would ever run into Mary, or find her online. After looking for so long, I figured it wasn't ever going to happen. Last Wednesday I am sitting in the local Whole Foods for kids club night. I get all my kids situated, and look up to see... Mary sitting directly in front of me! Craziest thing! She married the man she was dating when we lived together [I introduced them] and has two gorgeous little daughters with the blondest hair I have ever seen.

Moral of the story: never say never.


Christopher And Tia said...

This gave me chills! Literall, I'm covered in goose pimples :)

I'm so so glad that you found each other again. Thats such a happy ending.

I've got a big ol' smile on my face, now.

Dawn K. said...

What a great story and what wonderful flashback photos! Stopping by from Flashback Friday!


Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

Oh wow!!! That's so cool!!!

Jess Craig said...

word! i liked this story.