Flashback Friday

It's Friday-hooray! This picture was taken about two hours after I arrived at my college dorm. My little brother, really was "little" at the time. It's been a rough week for him, and I've really been missing having him close by. I'd love to have hugged him about 40 times this week, but he's over two hours away. [boo!]

I was all smiles while moving into my room and saying good-bye to my family. I was actually THRILLED to be on my own! I was in art school- I'd made it! I couldn't have been happier... until that night. I was suddenly so sad and felt so alone. I was grown, but so much a little child at the same time. I had never really been away from my family before. I'd never attended summer camp, or traveled. It was always us, and suddenly that became just "me". Scary!

I look at this picture and feel such conflicting views. On one hand, I look at the young me and think, You were SO young! I barely remember being that young. Then I think about college and it feels like it was yesterday that we were hanging out, going to parties, and just spending time learning who I was [or wasn't]. It's hard to imagine 11 years has passed since this picture was taken-this spring I will be 30 years old. 30 y-e-a-r-s old! When this picture was taken, the 18 year old me thought I'd never be 30-I'd never be "THAT" old. Ohh how time changes!

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