THE tie

With {M} in this wedding and my husband was just in one a few weeks back, {D} was feeling VERY left out! I had a brilliant idea [I thought], that a little father and son shopping trip would fix everything. Since I was making {M}'s dress, I thought {D} would like a brand new tie. A real father son bonding time picking out a tie.

Well....the idea lasted about 5 minutes, until {D} decided he wanted a new tie-that mama MADE! He was so excited and had already looked through my fabric stash and selected a fabric. Any other time I would have been over joyed that he wanted something handmade over purchased-normally elated! I was just so behind with everything, and I've never made a tie before.
So I ended up staying up until 3am the night before we needed to leave working on last minute gifts we were taking and THE tie.

I hung it from his door knob when I was done and had a thrilled little boy in my room at 7am, requesting a lesson in tying a tie. A tired mama, happily obliged! He told anyone who would listen at the wedding, how his mama made his awesome new tie.


colleen_ellse said...

That is the BEST story in the entire world!! I think I'm going to tell everyone that story today. Thanks for the smile the story gave me! So glad he loved his tie. You're a great momma!! :)

Kunklebaby said...

Haha-thanks Colleen. Glad it made you smile! He's such a sweet boy. :D