Turn and face the strain, chhhh-changes. I hear the David Bowie song in my head as I type. So many changes happening here. Little Miss M is growing up, it seems overnight! Another lost tooth for her last week. I don't know what it is about lost teeth, but it just seems so... grown up to me. I'm starting to miss my sweet, cherub faced little girl. The sounds of her feet, running through the house with her spiky pigtails dancing around as as she chased one of the cats to "hug". Those extra, extra long snuggles she perfected. Her little tidbits of childhood wisdom she would interject at- just. the. perfect. moments. As a toddler her eyes carried wisdom far superior to her numerical age. My old soul, my princess.

Her hugs have gotten a little shorter, her patience for mama a little less. More interest is swaying to her friends and school. Mama seems to no longer have all the answers [and some days none]. On one hand I feel deep sadness, like the loss of my friend. On the other, I try to understand it's the changes that need to take place as she grows into a strong, confident woman. I just hope she still needs her mama while she travels the journey- just a little.

The flower bud has to grow to bloom, but it still needs water & sunshine along the way.


learn oil painting said...

Great looking girl if i may say, I think the changes that takes place is normal as well. I am quite sure that though she seems preoccupied with her friends and schooling, by the end of the day she would still want you by her side as well as think of you always before she sleeps. This is normal for children as to the fact that everything seems new to them...As you have or haven't known I have a painting blog. If you aren't doing anything you could drop by anytime. Thanks!

astrogirl529 said...

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