around the house

So much happens in a day here. Often though, it feels like nothing at all is ever getting accomplished. Never ending piles of laundry, a floor that always could use a mopping, piles of unsewn projects. The stacks getting taller than the children.

I looked around today just to see how much is happening. Truly happening here. Little hands explore, grow, hug. Reading, oh so much reading for our four young one's. Snuggle time, as my well fed, round baby giggles at crackers and falls asleep in the crook of my arm, milk dripping from the side of his mouth. Brains expand and grow. I grow-one day older, one day wiser.

So much being done. So much being done that isn't measured in currency, time, inches or centimeters. Things are being measured with love and memories here. Perfection? no. Happiness together? you bet. Sometimes you need to focus on the little things.

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