I can't help but feel overwhelmingly proud as I watch my oldest child, play with the youngest. He's so kind, and genuinely interested in the baby. We know so much more now with #4 than we did after our first-young parents, super excited to be a "family", just learning who we were together, still. For that matter who we were ourselves! Over the years, I"ve come to no longer think in terms of "I", but, "we". I rarely say I anymore, and even rarer is the singular thought. We are now a family, for good or bad times.

Sometimes when the day is dragging on, and I feel like I cannot take one more minute of this life-laundry, bickering children, muddy dogs and the never ending shuttle service called mom- I revisit moments like these. Captured sometimes by my camera, sometimes just in my mind, and it makes it all worth it. These days pass far to quick, and I am desperate to enjoy each & every moment. Too quickly will these small fingers & toes grow.

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