Some Christmas creations

The Christmas Elves {aka-mama} are working around the clock to have everything ready for the holiday. It's approaching so quickly! I had everything under control and was way ahead of schedule until disaster struck the Kunklebaby household. Every single person in the family has been sick. A nasty cold bug has drifted through the family for 2 weeks now, slowly working it's way through all six members of the house. One urgent care visit, fevers of 104+ and lots of medicine and we are slowly getting to the other side, only the parents are left ill at this point.

Here's a peek at some of the current projects happening, in various stages. Lots of needle felting & sewing with a splash of embroidery here and there. The red nest & eggs in the last picture was made by Miss {M} for her teacher. They have been studying birds in her classroom. I'm really proud of her work!

I hope there are enough hours left next week to get everything finished up. I have a quilt & several dolls 1/2 way to completion for the kids. Lots of late nights after they are tucked in bed.

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