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Christmas cookies! Oh, how I LOVE Christmas cookies. The frosting, glitter and color! They make me feel happy & cheerful just looking at them. That all said, I actually hate baking. Yes hate. When the cookies are all cooked, cooled & decorated and smiling at me from their glass jars and holiday plates is when I sit back and enjoy them.

This year my husband asked why I do cookies EVERY year if I hate the process [he had to "help" this year, so quickly he questioned the need. hmmm, men]. I said wait until the kids are busy creating their little snowmen, gingerbread's and tree's. Look close at their little faces concentrating & perfecting. THAT is why! The memories of the kids faces is totally worth it for me! They way their eyes sparkle and light up when they get it just so.

See you next year holiday sugar cookies... now pass me some chocolate covered pretzels. YUM!

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Hobocamp Crafts said...

We made the large sticks of chocolate-covered pretzels - but the little ones look so sweet-- like little acorns! The cookies look great! Happy Holidays!