After all the stuff we have gone through this past month. I feel lucky. Lucky to have such a wonderful family and the chance to know all these great people that I call my children. Several of our children have febrile seizures. It's been a rocky path to follow the past seven years, but so worth it. So many people have asked us over the years, why we had more children after we found out the older kids had the febrile seizures. It's really such a silly question to me. I look at their faces and think how could I not want to meet them, know them, call them my own.

My husband had the same thing when he was a kid. It's genetic and children typically outgrow them around 5-6. My husband did, and I Love knowing him, being married to him, and raising our great FOUR kids together! I can't imagine what my life would be like if his mother had said, well my kids "might" have this, so I just wont a child.

While it hasn't been easy, or always fun, who's life with children ever is. The seizures have actually helped me to appreciate the good times, focus on how lucky we are for all that we do have. It's how we act in the time of hardship that shows us our strengths, not times of joy. Yeah, I could feel all gloom and doom and think "why me", but that doesn't do anyone any good. It accomplishes nothing but growing anger that eats away at people's souls.

If I had the choice to pick whether or not the kids had these, I surely would pick no. Who wouldn't? One of the children hasn't ever had one [so far] and I am grateful for everyday without them in his life! They are such amazing, caring, fun kids that I can't image ever thinking it was reason enough not to know them.

Thank you universe, for allowing these great little people to call me mom! [I know you don't really hate me, proof positive 4x over. ]

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