The Universes Hates me...

Well...not really, but that's how I've felt the past 2 weeks. In 2 weeks, 2 ever so short weeks we had 2 Emergency Room visits, 3 doctors visits and 1 trip to the Urgent Care. Battled colds, the flu, bronchitis, ear infections, croup, sinus infections, fevers, mystery rash, two febrile seizures and then finally a horrible case of hives.

Everyone of the kids was affected by more than 3 of these things over the course of yes, 2 weeks! I felt like my brain was going to fall outta my head towards the end. Baby {J}'s top two teeth thought this also to be the perfect time to pop right on out. Everyone is on the mend now, but it's been a rough February here at the Kunklebaby household. Lots of medicine, hugs, desperate wishes for the kids to be alright, and tissues. Ohhh the tissues.

During the past few weeks, to keep from going insane I have been knitting. Knitting and knitting, letting my brain go numb and mindless while focusing on the rhythm of the yarn and needles. All the kids got 2 new hats out of the ordeal. The first set I made were these from the new Soulemama pattern as Valentine's Day gifts for the kids. They were SO easy and so cute. Let me also preface that by saying I have never knit a hat before...ever. In two weeks I have now made 7! The next set were made using the book More Last minute knitting. [I'll share those tomorrow]

Everyone was thrilled with the new hats except Baby {J}. His new hat is his new nemesis. arch enemy. new thing to be avoided at ALL costs. Little {L} thinks his is a Spiderman mask [no idea!] and wears it over his face. At this point if it's cold & he's actually wearing a hat, I'm happy!

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