Snow Day

Another Snow Day here today, well I guess it should be called an ice day. A thick layer of ice covered everything here last night. Looks like we will spend the day crafting some Valentine's, and staying warm.

These pictures were taken last week when we went sledding-for the FIRST time. Having grown up in Cleveland, it may seem insane to family that they have never been. It's just something you do with your kids back home! If you are old enough to stand, someone will take you sledding!

Our sledding adventure lasted all of about 10 minutes. Miss {M} was the first to be "over it", quickly followed by Mr. {D} and then Little {L}. The baby was over it before it started. I think he protested the moment I tried to put his hat & coat on. Maybe you can play with the kids next year, baby J!
I can't believe you put me in this foolish hat Mama!

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Jennadesigns said...

Yay for snow days! We're having one here too - even my college classes were canceled!

Your little ones look like they are having so much fun - even if it was short lasted!