Everything is gonna be ok

The other day, I sat watching the rain puddle & drip on my windshield. It was one of those gross, gray kinda days. Days where your first thought upon waking is to snuggle tighter in your blanket, roll over and wake up again tomorrow. Hibernate until the sun shines in. A day that can zap some energy and happiness out of the most optimistic of us.

Unfortunately, snuggles and sleep wasn't on the agenda for this Mama. I had four little one's scampering through the house already. The two oldest {supposedly} getting ready for school. Hello muddy boots, raincoats and wet hair, good-bye warm, comfy bed.

Parked at a red light after dropping of the schoolings, waves of conflict and issues banged around in my head. A jumble of problems- therapy, finances, family... life. The rain dripped and danced a swerving, lazy line across the windshield in a calm melodious rhythm. In between the jumbled mix of anxiety, the thoughts, I'd have to thank a friend for fixing those wipers... Do we need milk? Anyone feed the cats? My two little boys giggled in the backseat. Oblivious to to any knowledge of my inner thoughts and conflict. A few moments of silence and then all the sudden, one clear, loud refreshing thought

Everything. is. going. to be. ok.

The feeling suddenly overtook me. It invigorated me with energy & strength. This world can not get me down. I will not allow it. I'm a fighter- strong & proud. I have so very much to be thankful for, and appreciate! I smiled, and the while the sunshine was only in my eyes, it had a lasting effect.  We are just fine. Things will be fine. We have everything we need-happy, healthy, well loved family.

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