With all the knitting I've been doing, it's been nice to finish up a few projects this week {I'll share when I have pic's}. Afterward, I decided to whip up a quick & easy, little project. It's cold here, yes- winter, frigid cold and  this little guy just refuses to wear a hat for more than 2 minutes. From the back door, 12 steps to the cold car and off it goes into a multicolored pile of mama knit hats on the van floor. A full weeks worth the last I checked. I've tried everything & every hat, with him. He smiles at me in his devilish little way as I explain, "Please, PLEASE leave your hat on today, Baby J. You know Mama doesn't like it when you throw them on the dirty floor in the car. ok, then". Two minutes later and they join the growing pile of sad, discarded knits.

I decided to give a hat with ties a try for him. I'll tie it on and then he will just forget all about it. {Insert evil Mom laughter here}  Famous last words. {sigh} It lasted one single, five minute, car trip where he yelled, "Mama....help ME", the whole time. Once in the house, he decided no hat would get the best of him, and promptly figured out how to get it off immediately.

Well, in the end, it did turn out cute. Older brother has taken a liking to it. If only I had knit it a bit larger it would actually fit him. He enjoying the tiny hat/big head look this week, I guess.


Sourire11 said...

I'm convinced my baby thinks that hats are some sortof torture device. It's super cute even if he won't keep it on, though!

andrea creates said...

oh no~and such a cute hat too!
my girls refuse to dress weather appropriate half the time too-and they're older than him!