into 2012...

We ushered in the New Year with chocolate cupcakes & sparkling apple cider, with the two older kids. Little boys will have their moments to stay up late with us, but it's not their time yet. This year marks the first year that any of the kids were awake at midnight. These two have tried for two years, but haven't even made it to 11, previously . Instead, fast asleep with their blankets on the living room floor. I imagine their dreams filled with happy thoughts of Christmas and the anticipation of the coming year.

This year we started baking around 10:30 so the cupcakes would be just warm enough at midnight.  Add a few glasses of sparkling cider and they were all smiles! I think late night cupcake baking might be a new tradition on New Years Eve for us. 

I have high hopes for 2012. I am entering this year much more optimistically than I did in 2011. The winter of 2011 wasn't kind to us, and I hope this one brings lots of health & happiness to my family. I hope 2012 brings great things for my family, and all of yours. Happy New Year!

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