With a house full of sick kids, we needed something fun to usher in Spring... and entertain the sicklings. We recently did away with tv in the house {for awhile}, and have been reading oh so much more to pass the time. Reading & reading & reading. Little {L} picked up Lin Yi's Lantern from the book pile, and I knew just what we could do. A quick & easy project that didn't require too much effort from my sneezing, coughing, runny nosed, brood.

A few sheets of paper and glue = our own, pretty lanterns to decorate the house. I love how different each  turned out. The artwork held each child's personality, very clearly. The only complaint I heard was afterward when the kids asked how we would light them. .....light them, you say?... why we are not going to light them.  Lots of grumbles & dissent with that choice, but in the end the found pleasure in them {even without the flames}. Miss M had elaborate plans to make an entire series of them, hung on  strings filling the house....until the no fire clause was added.

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