Andrea Creates nominated me for a Kreative Blogger Award a few weeks ago. It's been so crazy that I never got a chance to get to it. Then it occurred to me that Kym from Sugarmouse , had also nominated me for a Sunshine Award quite some time ago. Sorry guys! This baby bean has been slowing me down more than I'd like. So here's 7 new things about me:

[1. ]I love ANYTHING having to do with vampires. I've read hundreds of books with vampire story lines! I can't turn down a vampire movie either, no matter how stupid it may look.

[2. ]Sewing is not my first creative outlet. I have been a painter since I was a young child. I studied painting and design in college. I taught myself how to sew after mr. {D} was born. With a hectic household full of young children, I don't paint very often these days, but the love is still there, waiting to find the time again.

[3. ]I love being pregnant. Lots of women cringe at the thought, but not me. I feel so special having a new little being growing stronger each day inside me. Can't wait to meet baby #4 in a few weeks!

[4. ]I've been with my husband since high school. We met when I was 15 years old. Ahhh, young love, lol

[5. ] If we suddenly won the lottery and were able to have a bigger house, I'd be THRILLED to have a few more kids.

[6. ] I love napping in the sunshine on a cool, spring day. Replenishes the soul!

[7. ] I reorganize [as in move all the furniture] in my house often. My husband jokes that the ONLY place the couches have not been is on the ceiling. I like a change what can I say?

In lieu of nominating other bloggers, how about anyone who reads this post, add a comment with one new tidbit of information about you.


colleen_ellse said...

Gorgeous photo of you and D! You look wonderful. Cannot wait to hear about this new little babe!! So excited for you and your family!! :)

Fred said...

I just did a post about Kunklebaby, Big Sister. Take a look over here: http://bubblegumway.blogspot.com/

Was nice seeing you :D