so little... so far

In such a short time, this little guy has come so far. Two years ago he was unable to fully stick his tongue out. He was unable to speak 3/4 of all sounds and he was FRUSTRATED. It was so difficult to watch him act out aggressively due to that frustration. My heart would weep.

I can't help but smile at every single picture he sticks his tongue out in. He worked for this, he struggled & persevered just to be able to do that. The weeks and years has passed quickly since we started speech therapy. In that time my shy, little boy, longing to be heard and understood, has blossomed into such a talkative, deep thinking little man. Each day opening up more and more. I will forever be thankful for the women who have helped us along this path, and continue to help us week after week. These wonderful people, who sit with my child, and sing and play, while helping him, never judging or pushing too hard, have changed life for us.

So a little smile may cross my face, every time this child of mine sticks his tongue out at me. Four years old or forty four, with silliness or anger, it's all worth it kid! I can't wait to watch you grow some more tomorrow.

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