Summer is in full force here. The weather is beautiful, the kids have been out of school for a few weeks now.      It's taken a little adjusting this year, to the new schedules and having to continue with speech & school for {L}, but I think we are getting there. I keep trying to remind myself, when the kids are all in my ear, bored, hungry or arguing--that this is hard for them too. Let's face it change is hard no matter how small or insignificant seeming. I should know, I am the queen of anxiety, over unstructured, change.

While each day hasn't been filled with rainbows and unicorns {yet-fingers crossed for that day}, we are enjoying each others company and getting back to the relaxing, feeling of release that summer brings. I hope another week or so and the older children will get back in the hang of being home all the time {ohh, how I miss homeschooling, right about now. There would have been no shift} This summer I am trying to let go a bit and give these two quickly growing up, children, a little more freedom and independence. I am working on speech and letters with the younger two over the next few months, waiting to see if {L} will be ready to enter school when he should. {It's the unknown and waiting that gets me}

Lots & lots of reading has been happening in our home for everyone. We removed the tv from our living room a few months back, and I couldn't be happier about the process. The first week was rough for everyone. Lots of whining, grumpy, children and I thought I might go mad from the complaints. Right when I thought this would never work, what was I thinking making life harder for myself, a change fluttered through the house. The kids were finding toys long forgotten. Reading way more than before {and they were big readers to begin with}, spending more time exploring in the yard and just plain relaxing. Rach day, they were missing that old tv, less & less. I think the shift helped Little {L} the most of all. I am a happy mama with our choice. Our home is not totally tv free, and Friday movie night has now taken on a while new meaning for the kids.

So as summer filters into our lives day by day this month, we will be enjoying the sun, working on a few relationships in the house, and trying to make everyday count to it's fullest.

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