Flasback Friday

This flashback Friday is from 2008. Yesterday was my little sisters birthday-Happy Birthday Tina!

This was the year my niece was born. My sister had asked me to be with her for her for the delivery. I was really excited, the only hitch was our location. We live 2+ hours away on a day with no traffic [or potty breaks for kids]. I was also nursing, so needed my husband to come along so he could watch our three children, and shuttle Little{L} back and forth to the hospital to eat. [He never, ever drank from a bottle. We tried for a while and finally acknowledged it wasn't in the cards for him].

We ended up making it to the hospital in time, and I was really lucky to be present when my niece arrived in this world! The top picture was taken about a week later. We were back in our hometown for Christmas. Miss {M} was so thrilled to have a girl in the family! Mr. {D} loves all babies and couldn't get enough snuggle time with his new niece. It was pretty cool!

The second picture is from the same year, on Christmas morning. I had made Miss {M} a doll from my old clothes. It actually turned out to be a horribly ugly doll! It was a last minute, I need to make one more thing project the night before we opened gifts. All that aside, she LOVED that doll the moment she laid eye son it! It was her favorite gift that year and carried it everywhere. I just love this shot I snapped right as she opened the package! So sweet, and a great memory for me!

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Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Oh, that's so nice to be there for the birth. My sis lives in New Zealand. I wish she could be around more. :(

Josh said...

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Julia said...

awww... how awesome!! i'm the only one out of my siblings to have kids yet, so i haven't experienced a niece or nephew yet. but how awesome you could be there!! ;)

Christopher And Tia said...

The thing I hate about being an only child, is missing out on amazing moments like that. I do have a best friend though, and I hope that someday when she decides to have kids, that she'll want me there, and that I'll be able to BE there.