{ Best Daddy }

I just love this picture. The kids are so in love with their Dad-especially "M". We were just leaving the zoo after a long, hot day when I took this shot f the two of them. She' s such a sweet little girl and can't get enough hugs from her him. At the same time, she's super tough and love wrestling and playing with the boys.
He is truly a great father! He is always around for the kids to talk to. Every night he hurries home from work so he can spend as much time with us as possible before bedtime. He has pushed aside many of his hobbies and free time to help out. He is the most doting dad you'll ever meet. He takes the time to explain things at a child's level and never makes them feel like it's a trouble, or they are wasting his time.
Growing up, I had a wonderful father who was always supportive of me and my art. All I ever wanted was to give my children as great of a dad as I had growing up. We are truly lucky, because we have one.

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