{ Little Animals }

LOVE LOVE LOVE theses fun winter hats. {L} is the black sheep of the family(not really) and {M} is in a little piggie cap. I saw these last month, yes in the middle of summer, and had to have them! We are all stocked up for the winter now.
{M} has been wearing hers' since it arrived. She adores it. The only problem is it's been 90 degrees outside-lol. I keep trying to put in aside for the cold weather, but she keeps convincing me to keep it out. She likes to walk around with it pulled over her eyes saying "I can't see, I can't see".
{L} isn't sure how much he likes his yet. It's a little big, so that it will fit this winter. It slips over his eyes and he freaks out. {D} thinks it's hilarious!

I ordered these from a great shop on Etsy-LuLu's Woobies. I am thrilled with the quality and design! She offers a variety of knit designs including a bear, fox and panda. Great customer service too! I highly recommend checking out LuLu's. Get your own hat here:
The shop is running a sale for the rest of the month too.


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luluswoobies said...

Oh my gosh, they are so cute! I can hardly stand it :) Thank you so much for this blog!