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I do a lot of shopping for the kids on Etsy. I love supporting handmade-and local if possible.

I came across these fun Zadyballs while searching in one of my groups. Zadyball creator, Alayna, is also in my Etsybaby group.

My original intention was to keep the larger, blue one and give my sister's baby the smaller white one, but "L" had a different idea. He loves the white one, which also houses a bell inside. So...we now own two Zadyballs and love them both-sorry little sister.

It's a wonderful toy without plastic and a million blinking lights and sounds. I am really trying to get back to basics with the toys we purchase now.

Simple, non-plastic, no flashing lights or swirling parts. I think kids should go back to using their imaginations and being creative. Many of the "toys" on the market "play" themselves while the children sit and watch them. No more!

I hope the trend goes in the other direction and people start thinking about the lead paint, plastic leeching and get back to some of the basics.

If you want your own special Zadyball, please visit: http://zadyball.etsy.com/. The owner is super friendly and has perfected this toy from her own design. Not only are they fun, but you can't beat the prices at $10-$15.

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Alayna said...

What a beautiful little boy!
Thank you for all the sweet comments and I'm glad you love your Zadyballs!