{ El Diablito }

My own person little devil...well really he's angel, but he's still got time! Look at that smile.
I'm currently working on my new line of t-shirts. Little "L" is modeling my favorite one. I have a big, new batch of black and red shirts and bodysuits. I'm always annoyed when the only color choices are white or blue for little boys-or white and pink for girls. I love the black and it's not readily available in stores!
There will be a division of Loteria shirts as well as some vintage letter patches (from Autralia) and dancing princess'. The letter patch shirts are all one of a kind, as I only have one patch in each design. They are all really fun and I have to be careful or I'll keep them all.
We had a lovely week relaxing and visiting family for the 4th of July. Our week included the zoo, relaxing, swimming, relaxing, farmers market, relaxing-lol.
"L" sprouted a FEW more teeth, so he was a bit grumpy at times. "D" and "M" were amazed by the fireworks this year. "M" is a little scared of the loud noise, so she cuddled up tight with her daddy. The baby slepy through most of the fireworks, leading me to believe this child can sleep through anything!

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Jennifer Paganelli said...

love the devil t-shirt your stuff is adorable...