{ Winter is on it's way }

We are working hard at the Kunkebaby household! The kids are so excited about Christmas, and the colder weather. The bigger kids wake up each morning and run to the window in search of snow...sadly they are disappointed most days, if only we lived back in Cleveland.

We have plans to put up the Christmas tree tomorrow. My only concern is little {L}. He is a tiny terror when it comes to get into things he shouldn't. He's the fastest baby ever. I thought we would be fine this year with the tree. A few months ago, I figured he would not really bother it, or have much of an interest. He would not be too mobile, until next year, so that was the worrisome year. I was SO wrong! I think I may have to pull the kid out of it a few times in the upcoming month. He's so intrigued with life and cannot get enough knowledge in a day. It's actually really awesome...just a bit draining.

{L} HATES hats! He is the most easy going, happy child-unless you try to put a hat on him. The older kids were always happy to wear them and we had quite a fun collection they could choose from. I started finding and saving hats for this winter in the summer. I was so excited for the cooler weather so I could try out the cute, new selection of handmade hats I had acquired. Turns out, he has a tiny head and some of the hats will not fit him until next winter (boo). Besides that small setback , he rips them off and screams whenever we put one near his head.

So in honor of my love of hats and little {L}'s hatred, I offer this post :)


Adornments by Karla said...

Awww. My 8 year old daughter runs to the window looking for snow every day now too!

Kunklebaby said...

Isn't it cute! So sweet to watch them.