{ Featured Seller: Caramel Jubilee }

-Tell us about your shop:
I have a quaint little caramel shop on etsy called Caramel Jubilee. As you probably guessed--I sell caramels. I currently have five flavors: vanilla, chocolate, pomegranate, black licorice, and pumpkin pie. I'm commited to creating delicious, high-quality caramels. The recipes are all my own creations and they've been very well-recieved here in the etsy community. The caramels are cooked and wrapped entirely by hand.
-How did you get started?
I've been cooking since I was very young, but only recently started making candy. Last spring I was browsing online for a new challenging recipes (I love a good challenge in the kitchen!) and came across a caramel one that seemed to fit the bill. Although I don't use that recipe for my shop, it was the beginning of a wonderful discovery which eventually lead me to opening my own candy store on etsy.

-Where does your shop name come from?
I've been successfully selling on etsy under the name earcmra, but then recently decided I needed a more memorable name. I thought about it for several weeks, and then one day just thought up Caramel Jubilee. It describes my wish that these caramels will be celebrated and bring friends closer together as they enjoy them.

-Advice for other artist?
Do something you love and do it well. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I hope others can pick up on that when they meet me. I always like talking with people who are passionate about their work, whatever it may be.
-Favorite or best selling product?
My best selling product is the pomegranate caramels. I really enjoy them too because the pomegranate juice gives them a bit of tart tang which is delightful and a bit unexpected.

If you want some yummy treats visit-Caramel Jubilee's Shop

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Thank you for featuring my caramels!