Flashback Friday

This flashback is from 2009. My little brother[ he's 10 years younger] came to visit with his girlfriend. They were trying to surprise us, but he couldn't remember which house was mine. They live back home in Cleveland, so they don't get to come over often. He called while on my street asking some weird question about the house. I didn't answer him "correctly" and he finally told me what they were doing. It was a nice surprise and the kids were super excited to see them!

We decided to spend the day at the zoo. Sounds fun, right? For everyone except my little brother that is! I totally forgot that he hates going to the zoo, and always has. It's weird cause he loves animals...just no zoo, something about the walking and sun! It ended up being a really fun day though! My favorite part was the bigger kids and my brother posing in their best gopher faces-with Uncle also holding up Miss {M} so we could actually see her! I LOVE my baby brother-I sure miss him!

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AlyGatr said...

HA! He really doesn't look all that enthused about being at the zoo, but it's nice to hear he had fun anyway :) We don't get to see my big brother very often either and I miss him SO much.

*Christie* said...

Hi! I'm visiting you through Flashback Friday! Great photos, the top one is my favorite :) Thanks for sharing your story!

Allison @ I heart Change said...

That is so cute! How nice for him to surprise visit... even if he didn't think to bring your address with him. It's a great story, though. (And some cool shades, too.)

Christopher And Tia said...

What! Who doesn't like the zoo?? I mean, I guess on a really hot day, I can see not wanting to be in the sun, but... on the average day, I loooove going to the zoo.

Totally funny that you didn't answer his questions right. Way to ruin the surprise!