Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've been feeling a little under the weather. All the gloomy, rainy days don't seem to be helping either-blah!

So, I was pretty surprised that I had A LOT of people ask me, "What are these?", about my scarves at my last show. I had my mannequin set up right next to them, displaying an adult scarf. They were separated into adult size and child sizes. Here's my question to you, "What can I do to display them and get less questions?". Craftin Outlaws is coming up quick and I won't be able to bring along my mannequin. I will only have a table, so space will be tight. I do plan on bringing my hanging rack.

Any idea's? I was thinking of bring a few pictures to hang near them of them being modelled, but otherwise, I have no idea to make them look more....well, quickly recognized as a scarf!


andrea creates said...

That's a great idea..I would laminate or somehow make some sturdy photos of them being worn.Maybe in a frame even? Your model above there looks like that would work great :)
I had made up some scarves a few years back,and I got questions like that too-like: is this a table runner? and the lady argued with me-as if I hadn't made it myself!
Your scarves are great and so cozy for these rainy days:)
Good luck with the show.I can't seem to find any this year near me I can do.I'm new to the area...I wish I had some coming up...I'll keep looking.
Take care~

Kunklebaby said...

Thanks Andrea! HahaI like your scarf story too. Sometimes people say the funniest/strangest stuff at shows!

What part of Ohio are you in? Every once in awhile we hear about shows in Cleveland, Dayton, and Cinncinatti. Happy to pass along any info I may hear about to you!

That's What She Said said...

Ok so this might sound weird, but I work on visual display for The Gap and when we do our scarf displays we always do the loop thing... you know? Where you fold it in half, drape it over a post or rod or bar or whatever you've got, and then stick the two ends through the loop. Hope that helped! Your creations are inspiring!!! xoxo-Sarah

Kunklebaby said...

Thanks Sarah! Very helpful!