Our Christmas Puppy

We adopted Lucy three Christmas' ago. Time sure has gone by fast. A few weeks before Christmas we spent the day going around to local shelters trying to convince my husband we needed a new pet. We found Lucy at the second shelter we visited. She was a big puppy with LOADS of energy! I fell in love with her immediately, as did {D} & {M}. Even my husband said he like her...until the kids said let's take her home. All the sudden he wanted to think it over, and didn't really think we should get another dog.

We left the shelter, everyone but Daddy, pouting and sad. Over the next week, the dog was brought up everyday with the same response-we didn't need another animal. Christmas morning we were 2 hours away visiting family. Mr. {D} asked his Daddy who Lucy was spending her Christmas with? If she had no family was she all alone and sad? I watched his heart break during that conversation. The VERY next day he was calling the shelter, telling them to hold the dog until we got back in town. We stopped and picked her up before even getting home from that trip. Daddy figured it was on the way, and he didn't want anyone else to adopt her. [they wouldn't hold her for us]

He went into the shelter alone, and about 10 minutes later came strolling out with our new Christmas puppy on a leash. The kids smiles grew past their cheeks that day! The next few weeks were up & down training her. She has been severely abused in her short life before us[ she was only 6 months old]. She was always afraid we were going to hit her whenever we reached out to pet her. It broke my heart.

Three years later. she is THE sweetest dog. She's a part of the family and fits in perfectly. She loves and protects the kids as if they were her own. I could not be happier with her. This will be our first Christmas since the passing of our other dog, Bowie. It's been sad for me! This next baby will never even get to meet her. I do miss her, she was a wonderful member of our family over the years with us.

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Sarah said...

What a sweet pup! I came across your blog last night while doing a local search on Etsy. I am also from Cbus. I'm loving reading about all your wonderful sewing projects!