So....I just needed to post a picture proving I am not about to have this baby any day now-lol. This picture was taken a week and a 1/2, AFTER the last "giant belly" pic!

Things are going well with the pregnancy and I am enjoying feeling this little one move around. Hopefully he or she won't grow to be quite as strong as {L} was in utero. I thought he might break a rib with all his kicking and shoving in there!

This shot also proves that I need to clean the mirrors in our house more often. Every mirror that {L} can reach has his mouth prints all over it.


Christopher And Tia said...

Awww, you look cute pregnant! Haha, in the last picture you really did look 9 months along, haha.

Nancy said...

Congrats on the baby you have on the way :)