Behind the Camera

I often look through photo's from different events and special times in our lives. I smile at the remembered joke, or how sweet, little or innocent the kids look. Reminisce about silly times, and miss some of the days that have passed.

Recently I've noticed that I am missing from many of the scrapbook pages and entire events all together, due to being "behind" the camera. I started wondering what the kids would say when they grew up. Would they ask "Where were you?", "What did you look like then?"

In an effort to avoid these questions and record that, yes, I truly was present at every one of the important moments in the photo books, I took some pictures the other day. There will be a new scrapbook page featuring the top photo. It will read, this is what I looked like when you were growing up! I've been so involved in catching every change as they grow, smile, and pout that they see me behind the camera quite often.
I also decided to try and make sure I am in at least a few of the photo's-especially some while I am pregnant this time around. This may vary well, be the past time, so I am trying to enjoy every moment! It seems to be passing so quickly and if I blink I will be holding a new baby. I remember thinking I was pregnant FOREVER with my first. It's so different when you have a brood of kids to chase around and no time to ponder the future.


Sarah said...

To everything you just said - ditto. My three year old has started taking lots of pictures of me recently so that when he looks through all the pictures on the computer he can see me too!

colleen_ellse said...

Oh my goodness! You and your belly are too cute!! You are a gorgeous mama!

Christopher And Tia said...

wait, how pregnant are you again?

Kunklebaby said...

I'm about 1/2 through, Tia. Yeah I look like SUPER preggo in that picture! Haha.