A Visit with Santa

The kids were off to the mall last night for a visit with Santa! The older kids could barely contain their excitement all day!! After our trip to see the Easter Bunny last Spring, I wasn't so sure how {L} would be. Needless to say, Santa is just as scary as the Easter Bunny was!

Mr. {D} asked for the Edward doll from Twilight, and Little Miss {M} wants a fairy princess doll. The baby just wanted off Santa's lap more than anything else!

It's funny how crazy I used to stress about getting nice pictures when the older two kids were little. I didn't want them to cry, they needed to smile and everything perfect. With the addition of our third child, things sure have changed! Now, I enjoy the experience more without the stress. Yes, I still want a nice photo. but I also see the fun in silly pictures, crying pictures [see our Easter post!] and just candid sincere moments. It feels great to not be worrying about the silly things and just be!

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andrea creates said...

How funny- there's always one that won't sit with Santa...
My older one is just at that age where she doesn't want to,so my younger daughter follows along with her.No pics for us this year I think :(
Thanks for stopping by :)