How to: Mini-Dolls

Need something quick and easy to make for your children? Thes mini-dolls are super fun to play with and can be sewn up in an afternoon.

Pick out fabric that you'd like to use. I chose this cute Japanese import with little girls. Fabric with animals or other people work well also. Many of the Japanses imports have a small scale to the design.

Cut out the pieces you'd like to use. Don't worry about them being perfect. I made these into small circles, but depending on the scale of your "dolls" you can stitch them around the body shape.
Pin them to a felt backing. This will give them a little bit of structure [stiffness] and help them stand up better. [any thick-ish material will work]

Sew around your dolls. Make sure to leave an opening so you can turn them right side out and stuff them.

Turn your doll right side out and stuff. I like to use bamboo stuffing. It have a great shape and feel to it inside children's toys. Any polyester, cotton or bamboo stuffing will work though.

Stitch up the hole. I stitch these by hand, as they are pretty small.

Play!! I made a little tote purse for these girls to live in. Keeps them all in one place, and it's extra fun for your little one. A blanket and a kitty were added for accessories. Get creative!