My favorite Space

With a large-ish family with young children [and homeschooling], we spent a lot of time in our home-A LOT! There are areas of the house that I fantasize about remodelling and re-doing and well, just changing. The kitchen is one of those places. While I am in there, I am always thinking about how great it will be when we get around to adding more counter space and storage. It's actually kind of annoying because it's what I think of the WHOLE time!

One room that makes me smile from the inside out as soon as I look at it, is my daughters room. It used to be my studio and I painstakingly picked out the perfect shade of blue for the walls. It looks warm and bright in the sunlight and also cheerful at night with the lamps lit. She has a collection of things that Mama made her scattered throughout the room too. The corner that houses her bed is my favorite place to sit in the entire house! She has a nice comfy bed surrounded by happy, colorful things.

The baby will be joining her in the room [no matter if it's a boy or girl-it's the last space left]. With the large amounts of pink she has accumulated for the room, lets hope it's a girl...or a boy who loves pink. haha. I'm really happy with the room. It's a small space, but I don't think it feels to crammed or claustrophobic. I'll be adding some fun embroidered art pieces for the baby over the next few months as I finish it.


Nicole Spring said...

Oh I love this space!!

Kym said...

Beautiful room, i love all the colours. Childrens rooms are always such fun to play with....as well as play in!
I have passed on a sunshine blog award to you. see my blog for details.
x K

Christopher And Tia said...

One of the downsides of being a military family and living in base housing, is we don't get to customize our spaces like that. The walls will always be white, and I'll always be afraid to hang things where I really want to hang them. Looking at your space made me feel cozy though.