creative personality + pregnancy hormones=

I've had the sudden urge to make things the past few days...like, if I don't make something now, I will lose my mind. Haha-gotta love creative personality + pregnancy hormones!

I've been extra sleepy the past few weeks, and pregnant enough that I've took the time to actually rest rather than start 100 new projects. I have not made a single thing for a few weeks and it's caught up with me. I made a new set of pillows for the living room yesterday [I'll share this one's friend tomorrow].

I love the Heather Ross Underwater Sisters fabric. I have a few small pieces left in several of the colorways that I am hording. You can see the pink version in the quilt I posted yesterday and the blue in tomorrow's pic's. It's just so dreamy and fun. The fabric is extra soft and I love the texture. Big on texture here!

I've been working on some fun embroidered pieces also. Something relaxing to do, while I sit on the couch and "rest". I'll share those next week.

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