One Year

One year-365 days-In just one year, the kids have changed so much! The older kids are learning how to read and write and question everything the world tells them. They seem to have grown so much in just one little year. Chubby cheeks are being replaced by more grown up features. Every other day, they seem to get inches taller also!
Little {L} is well, not so little anymore! He's a big, independent, strong boy! Climbing, jumping and running everywhere!

- 2010-

- 2009-


- 2009-

Little {L} very "carefully" [ahhhh!] brought me my camera the other day. Instead of whisking it immediately away to safety, I told him to smile and started snapping pictures. He makes these silly faces now that he thinks your "supposed" to make for photo's. The two older kids are always up for pictures so they quickly joined in the fun!

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colleen_ellse said...

I can't believe how big they've all gotten, especially little L!! Oh my goodness, they grow up SO fast. I remember when little L was where that new little one is now! They all look so happy. You've got a beautiful family.