Baby Unicorn

Some sewing for baby! When I was pregnant with Little {L}, the two older kids decided he or she needed a name. No baby could be without a name!! They decided to call him Eggy. Yes, weeks after he was born and named the kids still called him Eggy. They did finally start calling him by his actual name. That was quickly followed with their cousin Poppy's birth. She is a 1.5 years old now, and they still call her Poppy instead of her real name.

So, this new growing baby needed a name too! Within hours of telling them I was was pregnant with #4, the kids were calling him, or her, Baby Unicorn. When I said I was pregnant, Mr. {D} asked me how I knew it was going to be a baby? Cause really, if you can't "see" it, how could I be so sure a baby was growing in my belly, not something else, like a .....unicorn. This got such great laughs from his sister that this baby was named in that moment! I'm hoping for it's sake that it's a girl with that nickname. If we have another little boy, I'm not sure how much he'll like that--or this dress!

I've been in love with the Heather Ross, far far away fabric line as soon as I saw it! I have some of the princess and the pea fabric for a year now, but I've been too scared to cut it! My sister got me some of the unicorn, snails, and frogs fabric for my birthday! Thanks baby sister! I had to take advantage of this babies nickname and make a "if you come out a girl, dress". I love it. Right now it is hanging over the crib, and I smile every time I look at it! Mr. {D} actually asked me if the baby comes out a boy, will you make him wear that dress anyways, Mama?" Hilarious!

Some embroidered artwork for the wall. I love this fun mermaid pattern from Badbird!

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