Lots of waiting going on at our house. Waiting for the veggies to sprout, waiting for school to end for the season, waiting for lots of warm days, waiting for playing in the pool and dancing in sprinklers, and most of all waiting for baby!

I can't wait to meet this little one. This pregnancy at time has seemed to last so long. I never experienced that with the others. Typically at this point I am starting to get sad because soon I will no longer be pregnant. This time, I am counting down the days. Partly due to the surprising, painful aspects of this pregnancy [baby please more OFF my pelvic bone!], and partly I want to know if we have a new little girl or boy to love. The waiting is driving me crazy! I've tried to fill my time with sewing, gardening and the bigger kids homeschooling, but my mind always lingers on thoughts of the baby.

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