I'm not hiding out from my blog, just trying to get lots of stuff done in a short amount of time! 9 months seems like so very long until you get into the home stretch and realize you have 101 things to get done still. Add to that the crazy amount of sewing projects I decided HAD to be done, and it's quite a list-silly mama.

I'm hoping to get a pair of slippers sewn before going to the hospital and a set of 3 baby dolls for the older kids-that way each child can have their very own baby on the day we come home with the newest addition. I got the new Anna Marie Horner book, Handmade Beginnings yesterday. So many more projects I want to add to my sew for baby list.....hmmm, I think I am going in the wrong direction here?

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound to check out the size of this wee, or rather not-so-wee one. Here's to hoping she or he isn't gigantic!

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