One Year

It's easy to "forget" how much everything in our lives changes. It's often only when I look back at pictures that I am struck with the realization of how quickly! This month, we will add our fourth baby to the family. Last year at this time, we were a family of 5, one year later we are on the brink of 6!

Looking back at these pictures from last May, just reminds me how much the kids have grown while it didn't "seem" like they changed so much! Little brains grew & learned so much, tiny fingers lost their baby fat, a new streak of independence hit the older kids, we went through potty training, losing a pet, being pregnant for the 4th time in 6 years!

The newest little one should be here any day now! I am so anxious & excited to meet him/her. Everyday I wake up and think, maybe today is the day?? Everyday the kids wake up and say, "Will the baby be born today?" Mr. {D} is trying to talk me into a last minute, water tub, home birth, so he can be present and I don't have to be away from them while I'm in the hospital. He's so sweet and such a thoughtful kid for someone his age!!

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