It's done!

I finally took the plunge and knitted something other than a scarf. While I love making scarves and have been trying out lots of different stitches, this was exciting to do. Something new!

When we go to pick out Miss {M} from school each day, I have all 3 boys in tow. Mr. {D}, being the oldest, is fine to walk alone and happy to walk by his mama still [yay!]. Little {L} on the other hand is a runner. I have to keep a death grip on his hand to keep him from "wandering" aka running like wild in the opposite direction mama wants him to go. To ensure I can deal with that little boy, my hands need to be free.

What about the baby you ask? He gets put in the Ergo carrier. He's a happy little baby, but it's been a little chilly lately and I've been wondering what I'll do to keep him warm. Wrapping him in a blanket didn't work. He can't wear anything too bulky and fit in the sling. While looking through a book of gorgeous knitted items that I could never make in a million years, I came across a pattern for this little poncho. It will fit over the Ergo and since it's made of wool, keeps him just warm enough on the brisk days.

It's baby approved and let's face it...I'm just proud I finished! Can that little boy get any cuter?

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Malea said...

The baby poncho is BRILLIANT!!! What a great idea! Thanks for posting pics in the post above from your craft show. I always enjoy seeing how others set up and display. Your set up always looks fantastic!