This week...

This week, my very first baby turned seven. I feel so emotional about it all. This is my son who made me a mother. He taught what it was really like to love someone else more than myself [the very moment I laid eyes on him]. The boy who makes me laugh hysterically and also makes me want to tear the hair from my head at times [often all in the same day].

How in the world has seven years passed so quickly? I feel as if he was just on my shoulder, snuggled into the rocking chair, awaiting the dawn with me. First steps, first smiles, laughs, giggles, food, first teeth, then lost teeth, school... these things have seemed to pass in a whirlwind. Sure each year I say wow, your growing fast, but somehow seven is so very different. Seven just seems so... grown. He needs me so much less as the years pass. No longer do I need to help his chubby little fingers button coats, or put on stubborn shoes. He asks to be left alone to play at times, not begging me to play with him. He's no longer a baby, certainly not a toddler, but not a man yet either- a small time just in between. I like feel I will blink and he'll be a teenager-all angsty and wanting to borrow my car.

He's creative, unique, funny, silly and just overall a cool person. He has this great way of looking at life with such optimism and a drive to change things for the better. I see him doing wonderful things in his life, and I'm a proud mama!
I'm so thankful for the past seven years that I've gotten to spend with him.

Happy Birthday [my baby] Son!

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