Not so Black & White

When I was younger, everything was so simple. So very, very black and white. Things were either one way, or another-right or wrong. There was no gray, no middle ground. I was so head strong in my idea's, that I believed there was no other way. I often thought kids who misbehaved, were not "taught" to behave by their parents. People who didn't "have" time for themselves, chose not to make it. Most dreaded of all, the long, How..old am I, again?.... uggg, this one annoyed me most of all. I used to think who in the world can't even remember their own age? They just want to look cute, and not seem so old.


Over the past several years, I have learned just how wrong I was. I look back at the younger me and can't believe some of the crap that went through my head! Once I stopped worrying about silly, nonsense that didn't affect my daily life, I was so much happier & peaceful.

As for children, yep even the best kids have moments of "terror children" in public. Even my best efforts, can't avoid a meltdown every so often from one of my brood-in public. Time has been a real challenge lately. While I want to do things that I enjoy and like, there really is just not enough time in a day. While I "can" fit them in, it usually means putting something else off till later. [can be done, but at a cost]. The Age issue...well, let's just say that I started having to "think" about my age a few kids, err, years ago. Seriously, those people were not kidding! With so many other things swimming in our heads, those kinda things sometimes get lost!

So, the next time, someone really annoys you, or things seem all wrong. Take a deep breath and relax, it's not all black & white. Once I realized so much was going on in the background, the gray area's, with other people [kids, jobs, chores, list, more lists, family, stress], until you walk in their shoes, you have no idea what's happening-cut them a little slack.Most of all, keep on smiling! Enjoy the rainbow.

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