Let It Be!

When I was pregnant with Little {L} I used to clean the house and listen to the Beatles album, Let it Be. Seems normal enough, huh? Did I meantion once I got to Across the Universe, I would start weeping? Yes, not crying, but weeping, sometimes sobbing. They were both tears of happiness & sadness-sometimes in an extra-crazy pregnant moment, I would have no idea why I was crying at all.

I would cry for all the happy things the future held-watching the kids grow up, starting school, first steps, kisses & hugs. I would cry for the sad times-watching the kids GROW up [lol], starting school, missing them, missing relatives who've passed before meeting the kids, wondering if I had what it took to be a mom to three kids.

The CD eventually made it to the car and was lodged under a seat for awhile-like a year. I found it yesterday. I popped it into the radio while driving Miss {M} to school. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the same emotions I felt 2.5 years ago. The differences were so apparent though. Not only am I a mother of 3, I'm a mama to 4 now! With the addition of #4, I feel so much calmer & at peace. I worry less about things that may or may not happen and spend more time in the current moment. More time focused on what my babies are doing today, at THIS time. Yes, I still think about what the future may hold, but I worry about it less. I don't look ahead to what the next milestone may be, but enjoy what they are doing now.

What will be, will be... just let it be. Be. Enjoy the day!

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Christopher And Tia said...

Seriously, I cry EVERY time I come to your blog. I can relate to everything that you say. Always.

Your blog is my absolute favorite.